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1-2 postdoctoral fellow positions of the theoretical hadron physics group
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The theoretical hadron physics group of Prof. Qiang Zhao at Theoretical Physics Division of Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP),Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) invites applications to fill 1-2 postdoctoral fellow positions. The initial appointment of the positions is 2 years. Depending on the experiences, the annual salary for the position is approximately 150,000.00 - 200,000.00 RMB Yuan before tax. The position could be possibly promoted to a non-tenured research associate position at Theoretical Physics Center for Science Facilities (TPCSF), CAS (http://tpcsf.ihep.ac.cn/english/index.htm) depending on the performance evaluated at the end of the appointment. Candidates with a Ph.D. and with background of hadron physics, QCD phenomenology, flavor physics, heavy quark effective field theory are encouraged to apply by sending their CV, a brief research summary, a list of publications, future research plans, and two reference letters to the following address:
Ms. Lei Dang
Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS
P.O. Box 918-4 , Beijing 100049, China
Deadline date : Jan. 15, 2018
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